WDF Online!

Published by loganimal on Sun, 11/01/2015 - 12:54

We're trying something new.

The World Debate Forum is still working hard to create more conversations around debate, to bring together Educators, Advocates and Competitors. We've run 4 events since 2011 (Gaborone, Manila, Delhi, Berlin), but to really reach everyone, we're going to take online.

So no fees, no costs, and the most flexible schedule ever. Just your ideas.


View the pitch at : http://bit.ly/WDF-Online

Feedback on our Facebook page (http://fb.com/WorldDebateForum) or email info at worlddebateforum.org

And please share.

Thank you.

(Do check out the pitch. It has Lego People)

Sign up to Give Feedback : http://bit.ly/WDF-Online-GiveFeedback

Sign up to Present : http://bit.ly/WDF-Online-Present