Our Goals

There are many different sub-communities within the larger debate community that are either at odds with each other or work past each other. Competitive debaters, educators, advocacy organizations, corporations - we all use the same tools but rarely do we cooperate to achieve our goals. There's isn't a place where all these communities are represented and time/resources/attention given specific to how we can learn from each other and improve our position and voice, as a community.

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Our Goals Are
    • To bring together people of different but related debate backgrounds (Competitive Debate, Education and Advocacy) – for example NGOs using debate to teach and teachers who have used debate in similar environments, or 3 or 4 organizations with similar goals who can then put together a joint proposal for funding
    • To create opportunities for debaters to be exposed to other aspects of debate – for example how debate is being used by advocacy groups and civil society organizations, to increase the sharing of information and resources.
    • To dedicate time and resources towards improving debate as a competitive activity - for adjudicators to thrash out training guides and teaching philosophies, tabbers to run simulations and extrapolations, for us to share best practices and determine common guidelines. There isn’t enough time to do this at the WUDC or other competitive debate events, yet it’s obvious there needs a space for this to ensure the evolution those events
    • To expose people doing debate work outside the competitive debate community to them, and vice versa – most individuals begin their exposure to debate through competitive debate and unfortunately stop there. Having the forum immediately after competitive tournaments we hope will create understanding between these communities, and give them both more opportunities for engagement and collaboration
    • Not to usurp the independence of regulating bodies of tournaments or other debate events (the council of Worlds, EUDC, Australs, UADC for example) but a place to discuss and develop ideas. You can choose to represent your organization or yourself.

We do not plan to publish a formal journal or publication (at least at this stage) but we will publish online as much information as possible from the forum. This means all presentation materials, videos of presentations, meeting transcripts and publications and so on. We will also create a list of contact information of all participants and share it among attendees. We think this forum is amazing opportunity to build networks and we want to encourage that as much as possible.