Topic Areas

We have created 3 topic areas in order to help structure discussions during the forum. The areas are somewhat artificial (people can be interested in all of them) but we hope this classification will encourage a greater diversity of views and a greater balance of ideas. Here's a brief description of those topic areas

Competitive Debate

We are referring to issues related to the debate tournaments. This includes general issues that might affect many tournament, for example training for tournaments, tabbing, developing and accrediting adjudicators - as well as things to do with specific tournaments, like increasing the break at WUDC, developing a more sustainable registration process at WUDC, developing a new tournament etc.

Debate & Advocacy

We are referring to issues to do with how to spread debate to areas were debate does not exist, how to use debate to develop democracies and values, how to use debate as a form of advocacy. We anticipate this to be of interest to NGOs already doing similar work involving debate as well as individuals/NGOs interested to do similar work.

Debate & Education

We are referring to teachers of debate, both at the university or high school level, as well as general issues of how to teach debate - developing curriculum for specific groups or in specific languages, challenging teaching debate in multicultural or multilingual environments and so on.